2 Chronicles 34
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

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  • Verse 3

    For in the eighth year of his reign, while he was yet young, he began to seek after the God of David his father: and in the twelfth year he began to purge Judah and Jerusalem from the high places, and the groves, and the carved images, and the molten images.

    A. M. 3370. B.C. 634. while he
    1 Chronicles 22:5; 29:1; Psalms 119:9; Ecclesiastes 12:1; 2 Timothy 3:15
    to seek
    15:2; 1 Chronicles 28:9; Proverbs 8:17; Matthew 6:33
    33:17,22; Leviticus 26:30; 2 Kings 23:4,14
    the high places
    30:14; 2 Kings 18:4

  • Verse 4

    And they brake down the altars of Baalim in his presence; and the images, that were on high above them, he cut down; and the groves, and the carved images, and the molten images, he brake in pieces, and made dust of them, and strowed it upon the graves of them that had sacrificed unto them.

    brake down
    33:3; Exodus 23:24; Leviticus 26:30; Deuteronomy 7:5,25
    or, sun images.
    14:5; 2 Kings 23:4,5,11
    made dust
    7; Exodus 32:20; Deuteronomy 9:21; 2 Kings 23:12; Psalms 18:42; Isaiah 27:9
    Heb. face of the graves.
    2 Kings 10:26,27; 23:4,6

  • Verse 5

    And he burnt the bones of the priests upon their altars, and cleansed Judah and Jerusalem.

    1 Kings 13:2; 2 Kings 23:16; Jeremiah 8:1,2
    7; Numbers 35:33; Jeremiah 3:10; 4:14; Ezekiel 22:24

  • Verse 6

    And so did he in the cities of Manasseh, and Ephraim, and Simeon, even unto Naphtali, with their mattocks round about.

    30:1,10,11; 31:1; 2 Kings 23:15-20
    or, mauls.
    1 Samuel 13:20,21; Proverbs 25:18; Isaiah 7:25

  • Verse 7

    And when he had broken down the altars and the groves, and had beaten the graven images into powder, and cut down all the idols throughout all the land of Israel, he returned to Jerusalem.

    1; Deuteronomy 9:21
    into powder
    Heb. to make powder. he returned.

  • Verse 8

    Now in the eighteenth year of his reign, when he had purged the land, and the house, he sent Shaphan the son of Azaliah, and Maaseiah the governor of the city, and Joah the son of Joahaz the recorder, to repair the house of the LORD his God.

    A. M. 3380. B.C. 624. the eighteenth
    Jeremiah 1:2,3
    sent Shaphan
    2 Kings 22:3,12,14; Jeremiah 26:24; 29:3; 36:10; 39:14; 40:11; Ezekiel 8:11
    Jeremiah 21:1; 29:21,25
    2 Samuel 8:16; 20:24; 1 Chronicles 18:15

  • Verse 9

    And when they came to Hilkiah the high priest, they delivered the money that was brought into the house of God, which the Levites that kept the doors had gathered of the hand of Manasseh and Ephraim, and of all the remnant of Israel, and of all Judah and Benjamin; and they returned to Jerusalem.

    14,15,18,20,22; 2 Kings 22:4; 23:4
    they delivered
    24:11-14; 2 Kings 22:5-7; Philippians 4:8
    30:10,18; 31:1
    and they returned
    Instead of wyyashuvoo, "and they returned," as the Keri has, we should, with the Kethiv, read weyoshevey, "and the inhabitants of;" a reading which is supported by many MSS,; printed editions, and all the versions, as well as necessity and common sense.