A Guide to Bible Study by J. W. McGarvey


Chapter 1: Definitions

Chapter 2: Divisions of the Old Testament

Chapter 3: The Original Text and Its Preservation

Chapter 4: Outline of the Pentateuch

Chapter 5: Israel's History from the Death of Moses to that of David

Chapter 6: The Reign of Solomon and the Divisions of the Kingdom

Chapter 7: The Two Kingdoms

Chapter 8: The Kingdom of Judah Continued

Chapter 9: Other Pre-Exilian Prophetic Books

Chapter 10: The Poetical Books

Chapter 11: The Books of Exile

Chapter 12: The Post-Exilic Books

Chapter 13: Divisions of the New Testament

Chapter 14: The Gospels and Acts

Chapter 15: The Epistles of Paul

Chapter 16: The Catholic Epistles and the Apocalypse

Chapter 17: A Brief Review

Chapter 18: Questions

Appendix 1: Early Translations of the Scriptures

Appendix 2: Translations of the Scriptures into English

Appendix 3: Extra Canonical Books

Appendix 4: Outline of the History of Israel

Appendix 5: Leading Prophets of the Old Testament

Appendix 6. Important Events in the Life of Christ

Appendix 7: Outline of the Journeys and Labors of the Apostle Paul

Appendix 8: Chronological Order of the Books of the New Testament

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